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You are about to embark on a journey on "The Rock". This excursion (site) is dedicated to the preservation of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. This consist contains different areas, or cars, with areas that will be of enjoyment and use to all Rock Island enthusiasts. Railfans, Ex-Employees of The Rock, and model railroaders alike, are invited to enjoy the trip and add to the consist of this train as we gain momentum.


Your input and information is needed to complete this site. Please send us your Rock Island stories and images to be included in this site.


Click here for a connecting route with the MN&S

the official MN&S website to commemorate 100 years since work actually began on the Muscatine North & South Railroad Company and it's relationship with CRI&P a.k.a. Muscatine, Burlington & Southern Railroad a.k.a. Burlington, Muscatine & Northwestern Railroad

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